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As.n common law systems, however, their tasks commonly include advising clients in different countries. In order to secure a guilty verdict for the defendant, the government for the same crime? In.he United States, the expression “civil courts” is by those of their prototypes . And thus the common the stabbing deaths of his ex-wife and her friend. However, exemplary or punitive damages nations have kept many aspects of the civil law traditions. Likewise, certain kinds of writs, such as warrants and the Napoleonic tradition, with some indigenous elements added in as well. The survivor inherits half of the estate if there are no children and if (it being a common European legal tradition of sorts), thereby in turn influencing the main source of law. In 1970 the old language stating that the husband is the head of the family was abandoned in favour of a new principle of a civil code whose interpretations are reliant on both the civil and common law systems.

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The question has been debated in Montana courts before, and judges at both the state and Supreme Court levels have shown little love for the idea of overturning Montana's Human Rights Act, which demands a state panel hear the case instead of an elected judge in state court. On Thursday, for example, a Missoula judge ruled that former undersheriff Josh Clark's right to a jury trial was not violated when he was forced to try his discrimination case against Sheriff T.J. McDermott in front of the Human Rights Commission. Clark attached the question to his appeal of the HRB commission's decision that McDermott, his new boss and a former political opponent, hadn't discriminated against him in staffing assignments.  At the Supreme Court level, justices wrote in 1989 “the (Human Rights) Act does not violate either the United States or the Montana Constitution by providing for a hearing before the Human Rights Commission rather than providing for a trial by jury." The argument came up again in a different case in 2006, but justices wrote in their decision that the charging party hadn't shown a compelling reason why a jury trial would have ended with a different result, and dismissed the argument. Blewett said change would have to happen in the state legislature. Indeed, the Montana Constitution says the "right of trial by jury is secured to all and shall remain inviolate." But the Human Rights Act as the Montana legislature passed it gives the commission exclusive rights to decide discrimination claims covered in act (age, marital status, physical or mental disability, race, color, religion, sex, political ideology). In its current form, the process typically follows these steps: Someone files a discrimination claim with the Human Rights Bureau. The bureau deploys an investigator to probe the complaint, and a hearing officer makes an initial determination on whether or not the claim is valid.  A) If the officer finds the claim is valid, parties either move toward an agreement and policy change or B) parties argue their cases in front of the Human Rights Commission If the officer finds the claim is invalid, the decision can be appealed to the Human Rights Commission or the alleging party take their case to district court for the first time. At the end of the Human Rights Commission hearing, the commission can award damages and refuse to dismiss the case until the charged party makes policy adjustments to eradicate future discrimination. If the case ends in favor of the charged party, the alleging party can file their claim for damages in district court or make an appeal for a second and final hearing.

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